Healthcare Consultant

With a master’s in healthcare administration and 20+ years of experience, I deliver results in project management, communications, client satisfaction, quality/process improvement, and analytics.


I transform ideas into “brick & mortar” using research, analytical, and project management skills to develop content, products, and programs.

Developmental Editor

I create structure and provide frameworks for ideas, while delivering candid, constructive, and empathetic feedback.


I help organizations connect with their audiences in impactful, authentic ways that highlight their distinctiveness.

Blending my creative and business experience enables me to lead projects and produce strategic content that position client organizations as thought leaders. As the founder of Strategy Grange, I bring a customer-centered, curious, and intuitive approach to help clients explore new ways of telling the world who they are, with the goal of growing their organizations.

I’m passionate about improving healthcare, communicating scientific research so general audiences understand it, and advancing new technologies to improve the delivery of healthcare. If these areas are important to you as well, let’s talk about how we can work together. Please see my latest resume here.

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“Jenn has unparalleled skills to develop programs that create meaningful change, start projects from the ground up, and make sense of data to understand customer needs. If you are looking for a compassionate leader whose drive stems from the human aspects of healthcare, I highly recommend you speak with Jenn.”

Laura Crooks

CEO, Children’s Village of Yakima

Jenn Scott / Based in Seattle, WA / Available globally